Protect All

Tire / Vinyl / Leather Dressing

An economical yet concentrated water-based silicone protectant and conditioner for use on vinyl, rubber and leather. It protects against harmful UV rays, ozone and oxygen and retards drying, cracking and hardening of surfaces. Use on leather or vinyl upholstery, dashboards and tires for a beautiful shine.

Apply with a cloth or pad, trigger sprayer or through automatic tunnel foam or bristle applicators.

Mixing Instructions :
Ready to use.

Product#:  SPLG62A
Physical Form:  Liquid
Solubility:  100%
Fragance:  None
Color:  White
Shelf Life:  One Year
Packaged:  5 Gallon Pail, 
30/55 Gallon Poly Drum

Keep from freezing.

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