Presto Powder

Green Tire/Wheel Cleaner

Presto Tire Cleaners are a premium-grade, non-caustic, buffered alkaline formulation. They are safe for all type tires, wheels and wheel covers. Will not cause damage to finish if rinsed properly. Both powder and liquid are excellent degreasers and engine cleaners fortified with a light solvent for quick penetration.Cleans + Witens + Bleaches

Presto Powder: Presto’s orange powder turns green when combined with water and quickly penetrates to soften brake dust, dirt and greasy surfaces.

Application: For use in all automatic and self service car washes. Apply directly under low pressure, followed by high pressure rinse.

Mixing Instructions: Stock Solution: 1 pound to 5 gallons water (1:40). For automatic powder dispensers, follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Product#:  SPP53G
Physical Form:  Powder
Solubility:  100%
Soloution Type:  Biodegradable
Color:  Orange
Foam Tendency:  Low
Packaged:  50 lb box or 100 lb drum


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