Red Hot

Heavy Duty Truck and Equipment Wash

Red Hot powder is a highly concentrated alkaline detergent used primarily as a heavy-duty cleaner for trucks and equipment. Very popular with the pressure wash industry, due to its extra alkaline "bite". Free rinsing in hot or cold water.

Red Hot can be dissolved up to ¾ lbs. per gallon of water for the preparation of the concentrate tank. Solubility will vary depending on solids present in the local water and temperature of the water being used. Suggested concentrations of ¼ lb. to ½ lb. per gallon of water are recommended for a stock solution. Adjust metering device to deliver amount of concentration desired. Dilutions may vary depending on the type of soil and speed of removal desired.

Product#:  SPPG25R
Physical Form:  Powder
Solubility:  100%
Fragance:  None
Color:  Red
Foam Tendency:  Average to High
Shelf Life:  One Year

Keep from freezing.

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