Powder Bay Soap

Scottish spring is in the air and in the bay with this "best of both worlds" bay soap. The green powder provides a fresh fragrance along with a superior "stay-wet" formula for soap baskets. Makes water wetter to increase suds and dissolves road film quickly. Cleans great and smells great!

Mixing Instructions:
For a rich, concentrated soap solution, use 1 lb detergent to five gallons water. One 50 lb box makes 5,000 gallons of stock solution available for car washing. Actual dilution at spray tip will be approximately 1:900

All soaps are available in economical 50 lb boxes or 100 lb drums with sealed plastic liners.

Scotch Plaid detergents are alkaline in nature and are harmless to all types of automobile finishes when used as directed.

Product#:  SPP30G
Physical Form:  Powder
Solubility:  100%
Fragance:  Scottish Spring
Color:  Green
Foam Tendency:  Average to High
Shelf Life:  One Year

Keep from freezing.

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