Scotch Pine

Liquid Car Wash

Scotch Pine’s phosphate-free formula offers a pleasantly pine-scented, forest green cleaning solution. Its concentrated blend of penetrating surfactants and brush lubricants provide deep cleaning action, making this a popular liquid cleaner.

All friction wash systems; detergent; mitter lube
All tunnel foam bath cycles
All self service high pressure units
All self service foam bath units

Mixing Instructions:
-Friction tunnel/in bay automatic – Final dilution should be adjusted to apply ½ oz of Scotch Pine per wash cycle. For stock solution, mix 1:10 and apply 5 oz per wash cycle. Washes approximately 14,000 vehicles per 55 gallon drum.
-Self service systems – Use 1:48 metering tip to obtain a stock solution.
-Self service foam bath – Use 1:120 metering tip. Apply direct to vehicle to obtain a thick, rich foam.

Product#:  SPL32
Physical Form:  Liquid
Solubility:  100%
Fragance:  Pine
Color:  Green
Foam Tendency:  Very High
Shelf Life:  One Year
Packaged:  5 Gallon Pail,
30/55 Gallon Poly Drum

Keep from freezing.

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