Dyna-Pac Bay Soap

High Pressure Bay Soap

Super-concentrated High Pressure Vanilla Bay Soap is a blue liquid formula, designed for use in all self service and automatic car wash systems. It offers a scientific blend of biodegradable surfactants and wetting agents that penetrate and loosen dirt, grime and road film, allowing free rinsing. Its vanilla fragrance and high foaming capacities add an attractive show to highlight excellent cleaning.

All self service high pressure car wash systems
All self service foam brush systems
All automatic foam bath cycles
All friction wash systems as a detergent and brush lubricant

Mixing Instructions :

Stock Solution Self service high pressure bay soap     270:1
Self service foam brush systems   630:1
Automatic foam bath   1/4 oz per cycle 
Automatic friction wash   1/4 oz per cycle
Product#:  SPL30A
Physical Form:  Liquid
Solubility:  100%
Fragance:  Vanilla
Color:  Blue
Foam Tendency:  High
Shelf Life:  One Year
Packaged:  5 Gallon Pail

Keep from freezing.

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