Music To Our Ears

You don't have to be Scotch to love the bagpipes. Every time we hear one, we think of our founder, Scotty McClendon. Scotty's heart may have been in the highlands but his passion was right here, making superior products that also provided good Scotch value.

Back in 1953, when Scotty started the business, carwash owners used industrial cleaners right off the hardware shelf. Scotty saw a need for non-acidic cleaners that dissolved dirt but didn't harm the car finish. His customers liked both the product and its consistent quality.

These days we sell a variety of products, all created and manufactured in our facilities. We make them ourselves because we want to ensure the high standards Scotty set. We make custom blended presoaks and cleaning solutions, detergents, foamers, protectants, tire cleaners and waxes. We also make the equipment to use them.

We must be doing a pretty good job because our customers keep coming back. They say our line is the best value on the market.

Now that's bagpipe music to our ears.