Great Legs

What's with the kilt? people ask us. Well, our founder, Scotty McClendon, was a proud Scotsman (is there any other kind?) who wore his kilt to every trade show. Why? To let people know about Scotch Plaid's good Scottish value. Scotch Plaid is a premium product line that doesn't cost a premium price.

Scotty made his first batch of car wash solution more than fifty years ago. It led the field then and does today. Now we make a variety of car wash solutions. We also make presoaks, detergents, foamers, protectants, tire cleaners and waxes. We make the equipment to use them too.

We're especially proud of our newest line, scented towels in a compact package that provides convenience and a fresh pleasant scent to your carwash. We also make folded, vendor-ready bulk towels: a great value.

Check us out. We're easy to remember. We're the "kilt-company." Try Scotch Plaid and you'll find you’re a leg up on the competition.